Why Net Neutrality Matters

What Is Net Neutrality? 

Net neutrality has been in the news a lot lately, and for good reason. If you aren’t really sure what net neutrality is or why it’s important pay attention. Net neutrality is the set of regulations that keeps the Internet free and open to everyone. The current rules were put in place in 2015 but they are expiring. Read more about this issue at Digital Addicts Blog.  

net neutrality
Surfing The Internet Will Not Be As Easy

Why Does This Matter?

This matters because those regulations are the only things keeping cable companies and cell phone providers from charging you more money. The days of being able to surf to any website or use any app on your phone for free may be coming to a close. Or even using a cell phone spy app

If you use social media, stream movies, and shop online that could mean that you might have to pay for access. Without regulations in place to make sure that the Internet remains free, providers can could charge customers to access popular sites.

Different Package Deals 

When you sign up for service with a cable provider you choose from several different packages. Each package contains certain channels. If you pay for the most basic package then you only get access to a few channels. And if you want premium channels you have to buy a different package.

Now think about trying to use the Internet like that. So if you wanted a package that included access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you would have to pay more for that package. And if you didn’t pay for that package the provider could block you from accessing those sites online.

net neutrality
Cable Wires

Monetizing The Web

Net neutrality keeps cable companies and service providers from being able to monetize certain websites over others. Or charging customers a higher fee to get faster access. So if net neutrality dies on June 11th and there are no regulations, the way you use the Internet could change drastically. If you enjoyed this post, check out my review of the Canon 6D camera