Know If Your Kids Are Watching Porn: Use a Cell Phone Monitoring App

Phone monitoring software could really help parents know if their kids are watching inappropriate content online and do something about it. Let’s face it, young people especially those who are in the age of puberty are sexually curious by nature and with them having their own devices, there is no stopping them from satisfying that curiosity. While it may seem a harmless activity, it can have a great impact on children when they grow up.

How Does Porn Affect your Child?

1.       Addiction

Porn is highly addictive just like any vice such as smoking, alcohol drinking, gambling, and drugs. Teens start watching videos with sexually explicit content during adolescent years out of curiosity, but when it continues to become a habit, it creates a desire for more that it is a struggle to get over.

2.       Unrealistic sexual beliefs

When teens watch far too many pornographic videos, they go into thinking that sex in real life is aggressive just like in the videos and expect the same from their partners in the future diminishing their ability to form healthy relationships.

3.       Desensitization

Those who frequently watch porn think that being aggressive in sex is a pleasure and sometimes they do not realize that it is not a pleasure for someone who might be forced to do it.

4.       Depression

It is inevitable for those who watch videos on porn sites. Studies show that it triggers depression because they cannot find happiness or joy in other things but only in watching porn.

How Do You Know if Your Child is Watching Porn?

Teenagers are quite secretive in their years, so commonly you would know if they are watching porn when they suddenly hide their devices from you. Sometimes, they spend the night watching sexual videos on their phones when everyone is already asleep or some may have aggressive behavioral changes.

With phone monitoring apps, you could have the best way of protecting your children from the negative effects of watching porn. Applications like Highster Mobile could help you determine if your child is indeed frequently visiting porn sites. Also, you could block websites with explicit content.

Highster mobile also gives you access to your children’s text messages, calls, photos, and videos. This way, you will know if they are sharing sexts, nude photos and other inappropriate content with their friends. 

Porn is alluring and traps teenagers into a trance of sexual fantasies feeding their curiosity. And putting a stop to your child’s porn-watching activities using spy apps may also pave way for them to become more aggressive when they are already hooked into watching it. It may be a struggle to curb their addiction to porn but with proper counseling and the help of phone tracking software, you will be successful. It just takes patience, especially in talking with your teens and educating them on the dangers of watching porn which can affect them for life if it gets out of hand.

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