Spotify: Singers and Songwriters for the Autumn and Winter

The end of the year is on our door step. With the holidays right around the corner, I usually switch from upbeat and fun summer tunes to relaxed and chilled out comfort music. Here’s a list of 3 great singer-songwriters to check out on Spotify this fall and winter season. They will be great for keeping you company on your drives to work, family parties, or coffee shop background music.

Noah Gundersen

There’s no one quite like Noah Gundersen. He will draw you in with his lyrics, where you can tell that he means every word he says. Plus, he has a unique talent for creating metaphors in his songs that compare the human experience to everyday items. He has roots of southern gospel and 60’s rock and roll, leading mostly with an acoustic guitar.

For all of your rainy days and cold nights sitting on your porch, I would recommend listening to Gundersen. He’s one of the best Seattle-born singer-songwriters out there. With over 3 full length albums, 5 EPs and two live recordings, there is plenty of material to cycle through. Ledges, his 2nd full length LP, would be a great place to start to get a good feel for his music.

Caroline Spence

Born in Charlottesville, but she now calls Nashville home, Caroline Spence is an up and coming country songwriter that you should follow. She recently put out her 2nd record “Spades and Roses,” and a short B-sides to follow, which are full of simple beauty and lasting impact. Her voice balances between soft and powerful, and her songs are rich and obviously influenced by the golden age of country and folk. She will tell you all about her struggles in believing that anything good lasts, while still feeling hopeful that real love exists.

Caroline Spence is a fighter for good music and holds true to the phrase “simple is better.” She’s one of the best singer-songwriters to listen to on fall days, walking through crunchy leaves and sipping hot tea.

Denison Witmer

Relatively unknown and undiscovered, Denison Witmer is a hidden gem from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He’s been putting out music for over ten years. In addition, he’s released over 7 albums, lent his talents to big acts like Sufjan Stevens, but will profess that the most important part of his life is being a husband and father to two children. Still, when he finds the time to make and record music, it is well received. Most of his music is led by one acoustic guitar and one vocal. Now while this is a common combination, Denison Witmer consistently brings his own touch of comfort with encouraging lyrics. Check out his 2nd album “Safe Away” and his most recent self titled album.

Plenty of people out there will enjoy listening to these great artists on Spotify this season. So there you have it – 3 amazing artists you need to add to your playlists this season.