Pet Tech: Gadgets For Pets

Technology isn’t just changing the way that humans live, it’s changing the way that our pets live too. Millions of pet owners are embracing technology that can make life better for their pets as well as for themselves. I wish there was a spy app for animals! For cats and dogs advances in technology also mean living better and living healthier with products like these tech gadgets for pets that pet owners love:

Drinkwell Drinking Fountain

There are many different styles and sizes of Drinkwell fountains and they come in such a wide range of price points that anyone can afford a drinking fountain for their pet. And there are some pretty big reasons why you should get your pet a drinking fountain. Fresh flowing water from a drinking fountain stays cold and doesn’t get stagnant or become filled with bacteria the way that water in a stationary dish can. Coldwater this is constantly circulating is much more attractive to your pet and is more likely to get them to drink the amount of water that they need to drink in order to stay healthy.

PetChatz Audio and Video Speaker

If you have separation anxiety and so does your pet the PetChatz monitor will let you keep an eye on your pet during the day and even talk to your pet and soothe them with your voice if they get upset. With an app on your smartphone, you can connect to the video and audio unit that you can place at your pet’s eye level at home. Your pet can see you and hear you when you want to chat with them, and if you don’t want to disturb them you can use the camera to see what they’re up to and make sure they are ok. If you have to work long hours, or if you travel frequently and worry about your pet ta home the PetChatz is a must-have tech gadget.


The newest gadgets are always exciting

iCalm Speakers

Another great product for pets that are alone frequently or have separation anxiety is an iCalm speaker or speakers. These little stand-alone speakers are portable, and you can place them throughout the house, in your dog’s crate, or you can bring them with you when you travel or need to be in the car. They play music and soothing sounds that you can program and change based on your pet’s preference and they will help make sure that your pet stays calm and relaxed. If you have a dog with separation anxiety that gets destructive when you’re at work the iCalm speakers are a great way to provide soothing sounds and


The iFetch is a fun way to give your dog some playtime and interaction when you can’t be there or when you’re busy and your dog really wants to play. It works similar to the way that an automatic tennis ball launcher works. Your dog places the small tennis ball on top of the unit, and the iFetch will throw the ball at different distances. Your dog can play fetch as long as they like with this little machine.