My Kids Love Amazon Echo For Kids And Yours Will Too

I had heard mixed reviews of the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition when it came out. So I wasn’t sure how I would like it, or what my kids would think of it. But I want my kids to be comfortable with technology. Technology wasn’t a part of our lives growing up, but it will be part of theirs so we want them to know the right way to use it. With a little hesitation, we bought two of the Echo Dot Kids for my son and my daughter. This way they wouldn’t be fighting over them. They each got to pick out their own color and the devices come in a very nice kid-proof case. To protect them from being dropped and roughly handled by small hands. 


Amazon echo
Amazon Echo Devices

What I Thought

I was really pleasantly surprised by the kid’s version of the Amazon Echo Dot. It has great parental controls and it’s not possible for your kids to order items without you knowing. There is a really impressive range of content for kids grouped by age level. My son loves to have Alexa tell him adventure stories and my daughter loves to hear choose your adventure stories. She’s on book three in the Anne of Green Gables series.

I like that I can into our account and delete all their conversations. To make sure that their information isn’t being stored, sold, or used for marketing purposes. So far I haven’t noticed any hard pitches for toys or direct marketing intended for kids. And I like that at night I have the option to read a book with my kids or just sit and cuddle with them while Alexa tells us a story.

Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo Dot

What My Kids Thought

My kids think Alexa has the coolest voice ever. I can hear them in the morning when they wake up and saying hi to Alexa. Then I  hear them giggling when she talks to them. The conversation is always kid-friendly and appropriate and they love to ask her questions. I like that they feel free to ask a lot of questions about things that they are curious about. Solving puzzles and playing games with Alexa gives them the chance to develop their own critical thinking skills.

I know parents worry about giving their kids too much technology before they are ready. However, I am thrilled with the Amazon Echo Dot Kids edition and my kids are too. Let us know how you feel about the Amazon Echo. Read more articles by coming back to Funky Gandhi