Fun Party Tech For a Galentine’s Day Get Together – And You Won’t Have To Know How To Spy On A Cell Phone!

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your best girlfriends this year and planning a “Galentine’s Day” celebration you can make the evening even more fun with some cool party technology. Lucky you, you don’t need to learn how to spy on a cell phone and can just kick back with the girls!

Galentine’s Day celebrations are becoming more and more popular as single women choose to celebrate their friendships on Valentine’s Day instead of chasing the perfect date. So if you’re single this year and planning on throwing a Galentine’s Day bash here are some fun pieces of tech you can use to make the party pop:

Popcorn Machine

If you’re planning on watching movies or binge watching some TV shows as part of the celebration you’ll need snacks. An old fashioned popcorn machine will make sure that you have plenty of popcorn to munch while you drink and watch movies or TV. When you use this machine no one will have to get up and keep running to the microwave to make more popcorn. And think of all the silly popcorn Instagram pics you could take with your favorite camera!

Electric Wine Opener

No Galentine’s Day party is complete without wine. And an electronic wine opener makes it easy to open even the stubbornest bottles of wine. And as a bonus you won’t have risk your life trying to operate a corkscrew when you’ve already had a few glasses or a bottle of wine. Safety first.

electric wine opener

Smart Phone Projector

Turn your living room into a media room with a smart phone projector and watch movies or TV shows with your friends on the wall or on a white sheet hung on the wall. Make sure that your phone is charged or leave it on the charger and plug the projector into it so that you can stream your favorite shows and movies for hours without your battery dying. Then you and your friends can all find a comfortable spot anywhere in the living room and you’ll be able to see the show. If the weather is really nice where you live you can hang a sheet against a wall outdoors and watch movies and TV shows and enjoy your party outside near a fire pit.

Karaoke Machine

You know that your girls are going to want to sing at some point so it’s a fun idea to have a karaoke machine on hand so that everyone will get to take a turn singing their favorite love songs. Everyone loves to sing karaoke at a party and it’s a good way to get the party going early in the evening and get everyone to loosen up a little.

Perfect Drink PRO

If you prefer mixed drinks to wine, or if your guests do, this little machine and the app that goes with it are a fantastic way to make mixed drinks. The Perfect Drink PRO will give you recipes and tell you how to make almost any cocktail. You can even mix your own if you are feeling ambitious. The scale will allow you to make sure that the proportions of the drink are correct so that every cocktail you make will be perfect. And remember to not drink and drive or have a family learn how to spy on a cell phone for your protection so they can see your GPS location.