Five Amazon Products that You can Still Enjoy in 2019

Amazon offers an array of devices from third-party suppliers to their own line of consumer electronics. While we don’t see any actual products being actively advertised what with CES 2019 still months away, there are some products that you can still enjoy. Here are some of the great electronics on sale that’s certainly worth your investment.

#1 SkyBell HD Bronze WiFi Video Doorbell

Take security a step further with a doorbell fitted with a video cam connected to your Wi-Fi. The HD camera can stream the video to your phone, so you can keep a close watch even when your away. Complete with motion sensor and full-color night vision, every video is recorded and saved with clarity right to your chosen cloud account. You’ll rest easy wherever you are knowing that you can keep a constant eye in your home.

Price: $165.92

Buy SkyBell HD Bronze WiFi Video Doorbell Here


#2 Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Speaking about sleeping, sleep more soundly with this sleep aid device. The co-founder of this device says he understands how hard sleeping can be for other people. The metronome and light system create a conducive environment that enhances somnolence. There’s a mode that can help synch your breathing into a pattern that’s great for relaxing to a mode that projects a soft blue light which has been known to promote sleep.

Price: $59

Buy Dodow Sleep Aid Device Here


#3 AuKing Dash Cam

This easy to install dashcam is a lightweight recording device for your car. It records clear videos the moment your engine starts and saves important parts in case of collisions.

Price: $45.99

Buy AuKing Dash Cam Here


#4 Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker

Play big sounds in this compact Bluetooth speaker. Anker delivers quality audio in a small device that can last 15 hours of continuous play on a single charge. Your phone can be within 66 feet of connection range and you’ll still get quality audio. There’s also an option for micro SD and aux.

Price: $29.88

Buy Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker Here


#5 Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

It’s a great gift for any writer, artist or even to yourself. This notebook can store whatever you write on it to any cloud service such as Dropbox or Google drive. There’s an app you can use to organize your notes easily. Once the pages are all filled up, you can then reuse the whole notebook by sticking it into the microwave.

Price: $26.97

Buy Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook Here

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