Using Spy Apps in Monitoring Firm Employees

Spy software in cellphones have been in demand in app stores. Consumers search for reliable applications that enable a person to track another’s activity through third-party apps. Before this market was tapped, surveillance technology is used by the government to track prolific crime and witness altercations. Soon after, enterprises and homes employ these tech for security purposes.

Software developers would then have the brilliant idea to make these methods available to the public in a very different manner. Spy software in PC and phones have been created ever since.

At first, these apps are used to monitor children’s safety by keeping track of their location and conversation logs for any suspicious interactions. It then branched out to check on a partner’s fidelity or a friend’s whereabouts. Now, it extends to the business sphere where cubicles and tables block the view of activity-monitoring by supervisors. What are the benefits of using spy apps to keep an eye on your employees?

Monitor communication

Messages, call logs, emails, social media: employers can track their employees’ activities on their phones. Most of the time, we do not know how much time employees invest in their work. We also cannot regulate what they converse with others. With spy apps, you are guaranteed to be able to access all their logs. Yes, even deleted ones. Employers can then be able to assess the details and correlate it to official records.

Monitor internet usage and browsing

With walls shielding your monitor from prying eyes, employees can switch their gadget usage to prevent being caught slacking. This is especially true when employees think they’ve one-upped their higher ups with erasing their history and/or using other gadgets (like, say, a phone) to continue on with their procrastination; this actually decreases their feelings of productivity. A person in the workplace shifts their attention every three (3) minutes on average. If they feel daring enough, they would also try and access pages that are not suitable for work (online shops, gaming sites, streaming platforms). Chances are, the account they’re using is also logged in the company computer. Spy apps enables you to screen through their mobile usage and check their synced internet history in real time.

Increase efficiency

Most of the time employees would be tempted to deviate from their tasks. Of course, as people, we tend to get easily bored in certain times of the day. Using spy apps will enable them to get their gears going. By using checking their downloaded files and even accessing their camera, employers will be able to discern their activity in the workplace. After all, people behave better when there’s an external force judging their every move.

Keeping focus is a very difficult task in the workplace. The image of being in your chair from nine-to-five, hunched over the desktop working the day away does feel stressful. However, this does not excuse continuous procrastination. With technology, people can easily divert from the task at hand.

If you are an employer looking for a great spy application to monitor your workplace environment, check out Highster Mobile to ensure the productivity of your employees.


Spotify: Singers and Songwriters for the Autumn and Winter

Get into the spirit of the season with these singer-songwriters.

The end of the year is on our door step. With the holidays right around the corner, I usually switch from upbeat and fun summer tunes to relaxed and chilled out comfort music. Here’s a list of 3 great singer-songwriters to check out on Spotify this fall and winter season. They will be great for keeping you company on your drives to work, family parties, or coffee shop background music.

Noah Gundersen

There’s no one quite like Noah Gundersen. He will draw you in with his lyrics, where you can tell that he means every word he says. Plus, he has a unique talent for creating metaphors in his songs that compare the human experience to everyday items. He has roots of southern gospel and 60’s rock and roll, leading mostly with an acoustic guitar.

For all of your rainy days and cold nights sitting on your porch, I would recommend listening to Gundersen. He’s one of the best Seattle-born singer-songwriters out there. With over 3 full length albums, 5 EPs and two live recordings, there is plenty of material to cycle through. Ledges, his 2nd full length LP, would be a great place to start to get a good feel for his music.

Caroline Spence

Born in Charlottesville, but she now calls Nashville home, Caroline Spence is an up and coming country songwriter that you should follow. She recently put out her 2nd record “Spades and Roses,” and a short B-sides to follow, which are full of simple beauty and lasting impact. Her voice balances between soft and powerful, and her songs are rich and obviously influenced by the golden age of country and folk. She will tell you all about her struggles in believing that anything good lasts, while still feeling hopeful that real love exists.

Caroline Spence is a fighter for good music and holds true to the phrase “simple is better.” She’s one of the best singer-songwriters to listen to on fall days, walking through crunchy leaves and sipping hot tea.

Denison Witmer

Relatively unknown and undiscovered, Denison Witmer is a hidden gem from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He’s been putting out music for over ten years. In addition, he’s released over 7 albums, lent his talents to big acts like Sufjan Stevens, but will profess that the most important part of his life is being a husband and father to two children. Still, when he finds the time to make and record music, it is well received. Most of his music is led by one acoustic guitar and one vocal. Now while this is a common combination, Denison Witmer consistently brings his own touch of comfort with encouraging lyrics. Check out his 2nd album “Safe Away” and his most recent self titled album.

Plenty of people out there will enjoy listening to these great artists on Spotify this season. So there you have it – 3 amazing artists you need to add to your playlists this season.

3 Ways To Check In At Home While You’re On Vacation

A phony spy app can help you watch your house while you're on vacation.

Continuing my series on how technology can actually enhance your vacation, I’ll show you how to monitor what’s going on at home while you’re thousands of miles away so accurately that you’ll know if something as minor as a garage door spring moves. The newest technological advancements make it easier than ever to stay connected at all times, whether it’s with texting, calling, a phone spy app, or remote video surveillance. It’s time to consider how some of these tools can make your vacation truly worry-free.

Home Security Camera

Many new home security cameras allow you to connect to them via your computer or smartphone. So, no matter where you are, you can check up on your home, family, pets, and even plants. You’ll never have to wake up in the middle of the night again, wondering how your loved ones are doing while you’re away. Instead, you’ll have instant peace of mind, allowing you to continue enjoying your vacation without any unnecessary stress.

Phone Spy App

When you’re away from your kids, no matter how short or long the duration is, it’s only natural to worry about them. One of the best ways to keep track of what they’re doing and making sure they’re not getting into any trouble is with a phone spy app. This type of program will keep track of what your child does on their phone, allowing you to read their texts and follow their GPS location. You’ll be able to quickly see that they’re safe and sound.

Smart Home Technology

These smartphone apps are essential to give you peace of mind during vacation.
You can use your smartphone for much more than taking pictures while you’re on vacation.

Did you forget to turn off the thermostat? What about locking the front door? In the rush of leaving for vacation, it can be easy to neglect something that may raise your energy bill, or worse, leave your house unsecured. With a smart home automation system connected to your smartphone, you can control the lighting, temperature, locks, and much more from another state or even continent. Not only will this keep your home safe and comfortable, but you’ll also give any on-lookers the impression that you’re still home.

The Must Have Travel Apps For Your Smartphone

Smartphone apps

While you can use your smartphone for just about anything nowadays, having that same functionality while traveling abroad might be a different story.  To help get the most out of your time abroad, try out some of these smartphone apps.

Smartphone apps for travelers.
Stay safe no matter where you travel with these smartphone apps.


There’s no doubt that Smartphones are revolutionizing the way in which we communicate to one another.  “Whatsapp” is definitely part of that revolution. This app allows you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones, while avoiding those costly SMS roaming fees that most carriers charge while you’re abroad.  Features include text, group chat, photo and video sharing, voice and video calls and file transfers.

Google Translate:  

While planning a trip to a foreign country, the local language is something that must be taken into consideration.  Especially if  your plans include some non-touristy locations.  If this sounds like your travel plans then the Google Translate app is definitely for you.  The app comes with the ability to translate 103 different languages (52 languages in offline mode).  This can help you interact with the locals, decipher a menu at dinner or learn a few common phrases.

XE Currency:  

Planning out the expenses for an overseas trip can be difficult.  Even more so if the currency differs from your own.  XE Currency helps make this issue less of a nightmare by providing the most up-to-date conversion rates for just about every world currency.  Even if you happen to be stuck without WiFi or service, XE Currency will save the last most recent rates which can be accessed offline so you’re never in the dark about finances.

DDI Utilities:

Taking some vacation time to visit a new country is an amazing experience for the whole family.  That being said, parents tend to worry far more about their children while they are traveling.  Young children can easily get lost in a crowd, while teenagers might want to venture out by themselves without their parents watching over them.  So how can parents know their family is safe without having to stand over them the entire trip?  The answer?  Installing a monitoring app on their child’s smartphone.  This allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s smartphone activity.  Everything is accessible, from texts and calls (even deleted ones) to their exact GPS location.  This app really gives parents the piece of mind they need while on vacation.


Designed for the business professional (or anyone who finds themselves traveling between multiple time-zones in a short amount of time).  Circa allows you to keep track of the time in different areas of the world.  You can even display multiple locations at the same time too, so you always know when it’s appropriate for you to call that family member or business partner while overseas.

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