The Canon 6D Mark II

A new DSLR is a great opportunity for photos, but do a reverse phone number lookup on anyone who's doing a shoot with you.

The Canon 6D Mark II is a professional DSLR camera made by, you guessed it, Canon. It’s one of their newer models, and though it’s not their flagship camera, it’s still one that professionals can use for just about anything. Because I recently purchased this camera, it’s my joy to be able to write a review about it. It’s one of the most helpful tools I use almost every day, aside from a reverse phone number lookup that helps me learn more about scammers who might be calling me. More than just a review, I’m going to cover if the 6D Mark II is right for you, or if there might be another camera out there that’s better for your needs.

The 6D Mark II From Canon

Full-Frame Sensor

Having a full-frame sensor in their camera is a must for photographers who want to get paid for their work. Most entry-level cameras use APS-C sensors, which crop the image to a certain degree. This means that they don’t give the truest image from the lens. The 6D Mark II, like the 6D, is a DSLR that uses a full-frame sensor, which means that it’ll work great for professional photographers.

4K Time Lapse

Do you plan on just taking photos for social media?
You need to think about what kind of photos and videos you’ll take.

One great feature of the 6D Mark II is the ability to do time lapses in 4K. Time lapses are particularly trendy on social media these days. Before agreeing to a shoot with a photographer, though, make sure to run a reverse phone number lookup to make sure they’re legitimate. If you’re passionate about posting on social media or doing videography, then you should really look into shooting time lapses in 4K.

Full HD Video

While this camera can shoot a time lapse in 4K, it cannot shoot regular video in the same resolution. However, it’s capable of 1080p video. While this may not be enough for a professional videographer, it’s enough if you enjoy doing videography on the side. It’s also great for people who want a full-frame sensor, but don’t want to have to pay for a DSLR that can shoot in 4K. Canon has managed to keep these models pretty expensive.

Adjustable Display

One of my favorite features of the 6D Mark II is its adjustable display. Many DSLR models have a fixed display on the back, where you can view your photos after you take them. Having an adjustable display allows the user to hold the camera up and tilt the display down, so they can still see what they are shooting. This comes in handy for shooting over crowds, along with tons of other situations.

An Overall Great Camera

While I’m still breaking in my 6D Mark II, I can already tell that it’s going to be a great device for many years to come. Be sure to invest in a couple different lenses, or maybe even an L series lens from Canon. Having a high quality lens is just as important for a DSLR as having a good body. So go ahead, invest in this model, and pick out some lenses to go along with it! And be sure to run a reverse phone number lookup on anyone you’re looking to take photos with. Your safety is important.